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Since you clicked 'ABOUT US,' I guess you want to know about us?

About Me

I am 38 years old, married and live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I hold a Bachelor of Planning and Design (Architecture) from Melbourne University and work three days per week for a local architect. The rest of our week is devoted to voluntary Bible education.

Our Family

My wife is the amazingly talented and successful Kylie Bertucci.

We do not have children. But, our fur babies Jasper and Bella are basically our children. They are Cavoodles and are the best!

Stampin' Up!

Kylie started with Stampin' Up! in 2009. I wasn't too pleased when she joined. But, along with crochet and knitting, I thought it was a hobby that would pass. Fast forward to 2015 and she has had amazing success.

She was introduced to Stampin' Up! by my sister. She gave her a catalogue and studied it from cover to cover and that was it. Within a short time she realised that she needed to join to 'support her habit' and get products cheaper. Then she started a class and 'accidentally' people started buying and joining and slowly the hobby was becoming a business.

I was still not convinced. I would see 'Stampin' Up!' on the credit card more frequently and not much on the savings account. But, then this slowly started to change. I signed up as a supporting demonstrator shortly after this. And.....the rest is history.

Kylie's Achievements

Since she became a demonstrator, Kylie has achieved amazing success.
  • #1 Rising Star 2010
  • #1 Most Downline Promotions to Senior Associate 2012, 2013, 2014
  • #1 Most Downline Promotions to Supervisor 2012, 2013, 2014
  • #3 Top Sales 2013
  • Current Title - Executive (Pre-October 2015) / Gold (Current)


In 2012, I attended my first Stampin' Up! Convention. I didn't know what to expect. In fact, Kylie hadn't been to convention before either. If I wasn't already sold prior to this, I was sold afterwards. Ive always loved paper craft. And, Kylie and I would craft together. But, this gave an impetus of other ways that I could help Kylie.

Since then, Ive been to every convention and been Kylie's greatest cheerleader as she does her stage-walks.

Grand Vacation Achievements

I remember clearly the night when I was in the study and Kylie walked in and said 'I think I can achieve the Grand Vacation.' I didn't think it was possible - I didn't really even understand what that meant. But, it happened. And, so far, we have been to Utah, Western Caribbean Cruise, Hawaii and Kylie has achieved the Mediterranean Cruise also.

Every time, we make reservations and receive tickets. It is a surreal experience. I keep imagining that we will get to the airport and there will be hidden cameras pranking us. Its such a weird feeling of going on a holiday without paying for it. We have had an amazing time on these trips.

Utah (2014)

This was an amazing trip. So many memories. Here are a few;
Before the Grand Vacation started, we got to go to the North American Convention. Now THAT was something! We met Sara 
This is me and Kylie at the welcome reception.
Us with Shelli and Sterling
During our tour of the Stampin' Up! home office in Riverton, Utah
Shannon West - my fave!
We went to the manufacturing facility at Kanab. Was amazing to see how the stamps are made.
The stamp offcuts are sent to this park.
Us at the goodbye barn dance.

Western Caribbean Cruise (2015)

Prior to this, we had been on 2 cruises, so we were already a MAJOR fan of this type of trip. But, imagine the prospect of going on the biggest cruise ship in the world (the Allure of the Seas). It was just spectacular. Here are a few memories;

Thats the ship in the background
Us in Haiti 
Us at the Viking Crown Bar on Level 17 (YES, thats right, Level 17)
Me in one of the pools in the Sanctuary
We both did this zip line. I haven't had good experiences with zip lines in the past, but this one was fine.

Us in Jamaica with the ENORMOUS ship in the background
Us in Chichen Itza, Mexico. What an amazing experience.
On board for the final dinner.

Hawaii (2015)

We had no expectations of Hawaii. It came at a really busy time and we hadn't really prepared anything. But, we had an amazing time.

This was the view from our room.
We went on a day trip around the Island with friends. If we ever go back, we will DEFINITELY do this again. 
Us with our new Maui Jim sunglasses (thanks Stampin' Up!) at the Polynesian Cultural Centre
Seriously, I could have done this for the entire week.

At the farewell dinner on board a battleship.

Kylie's Team

Kylie has a large team called the Crazy Crafters. They come from all over Australia and are a HOOT at convention. You can usually hear them.

You thinking about joining up? Find out why joining our team would be the BEST for you by watching the video below;

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to join the Crazy Crafters.



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